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St. Brigid of Kildare
St. Cinnia of Ulster
St. Derlugdach of Kildare
St. Crewenna
St. Jarlath of Armagh
St. Kinnia
St. Columbanus of Ghent
St. Feock
St. Laurence of Canterbury
St. Ronan of the Isle of Man
St. Ia of Cornwall
St. Colman of Kilmacduagh
St. Anatolius of Salins
St. Caellainn
St. Werburg of Mercia
St. Werburga of Chester
St. Modan of Melrose
St. Aldate of Gloucester
St. Liephard
Ss. Indract and Dominica of Glastonbury
St. Buo of Ireland
St. Fingen of Metz
St. Vodalus
Ss. Mel of Ardagh & Melchu and Munis of Lough Lee
Ss. Ina and Ethelburga
Ss. Jacut and Guethenoc
St. Mun of Lough Ree
St. Ronan of Kilmaronen
St. Richard of Wessex
St. Meldon of Peronne
St. Tressan of Mareuil
St. Aule of London
St. Oncho of Clonmore
St. Elfleda of Whitby
St. Kigwe of Monmouthshire
St. Cuthman of Steyning
St. Teilo of Llandaff
St. Muirdach MacRobartaigh
St. Alto of Altomuenster
St. Cronan the Wise
St. Cuaran the Wise
St. Eingan of Llanengan
St. Caedmon
St. Trumwin of Abercorn
St. Merwinna of Romsey
St. Erluph of Werden
St. Ecian of Ireland
St. Gobnet of Ballyvourney
St. Siadhal of Ireland
St. Ethelwald of Lindisfarne
St. Modomnoc O'Neil
St. Ermengild of Ely
St. Huna of Ely
St. Dyfnog
St. Conran of Orkney
St. Berach of Cluain
St. Dochow of Wales
St. Farannan of Iona
St. Sigfrid of Wexlow
Ss. Winaman, Unaman & Sunaman
St. Tanco of Werden
St. Guevroc of Saint-Pol-de-Leon
St. Finan of Iona and Lindisfarne
St. Fintan of Clonenagh
St. Fortchern of Trim
St. Guevrock of Saint-Pol-de-Leon
St. Loman of Trim
St. Colman of Lindisfarne & Mayo
St. Odran of Ireland
St. Bolcan of Derken
St. Colgan of Clonmacnoise
St. Mildred of Thanet
St. Ethelbert of Kent
St. Walburga
St. Comgan, Abbot in Ireland
St. Alnoth of Stowe
St. Herefrith, Bishop of Lincolnshire
St. Sillian of Bangor
St. Ermina
St. Llibio
St. Maidoc
St. Oswald of Worcester