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St. Beoc of Lough Derg
St. Ossene of Clonmore
St. Colman Muilinn of Derrykeighan
St. Airmedach of Craibhi-Laisre
St. Eochaid of Uisneach
St. Scethe of Feart-Sceithe
St. Fintan of Bealach
St. Connat of Kildare
St. Cuan
Ss. Elvan and Mydwyn
St. Fanchea of Rossory
St. Maelrhys
St. Munchin of Limerick
St. Seiriol
Lichfield Martyrs
St. Finlugh of Derry
St. Fintan of Doon
St. Wenog
St. Genevieve of Paris
St. Rumon of Tavistock
St. Cera of Kilkeary
St. Convoyon of Redon
St. Rumon of Tavistock
St. Schottin of Kilkenny
St. Diman Dubh of Connor
St. Edeyrn of Brittany
St. Eigrad
St. Hywyn of Aberdaron
St. Melanius of Rennes
St. Merinus the Hermit
St. Peter of Canterbury
St. Brannock of Braunton
St. Kentigerna of Loch Lomond
St. Cronan Beg of County Down
St. Athelm of Canterbury
St. Ergnad of Ulster
St. Erhard of Ratisbon
St. Pega of Peakirk
St. Wulsin of Sherborne
St. Albert of Cashel
St. Nathalan of Aberdeenshire
St. Faolan of Strathfillan
St. Adrian of Canterbury
St. Brithwald of Canterbury
St. Dermot of Innis-Clotran
St. Thomian of Armagh
St. Boadin the Irishman
St. Brandan the Irishman
Ss. Ethne and Fedelma of Connaught
St. Alan ab Erbin of Cornwall
St. Benedict Biscop
38 Monks Martyred at Iona
St. Kentigern Mungo of Glasgow
St. Elian
St. Elian ap Erbin
St. Enogatus of Aleth
St. Erbin
St. Ita of Limerick
St. Ceolwulf of Lindisfarne
St. Lleudadd of Bardsey
St. Sawl
St. Fursey of Burgh Castle
St. Dunchaid O'Braoin of Clonmacnoise
St. Honoratus of Arles
St. Nennius of Ireland
St. Anthony of Egypt
St. Dicuil of Lure
St. Day
St. Dermot of Innis-Clotran
St. Nathalan of Aberdeen
St. Blaithmaic of Iona
St. Albert of Cashel
St. Branwallader of Jersey
St. Fillan of Strathfilan
St. Wulstan of Worcester
St. Fechin of Fobhar
St. Molagga of Fermoy
St. Vimin of Holywood
St. Brigid of Kilbride
St. Lawdog of Wales
St. Maccallin of Waulsort
St. Brithwold of Sarum
St. Colman of Lismore
St. Maimbod
St. Guasacht of Granard
St. Manach of Lemonaghan
St. Cadoc of Wales
St. Dwynwen of Llandwyn
St. Eochod of Galloway
St. Conan of Iona
St. Tortgith of Barking
St. Natalis of Ireland
St. Cannera of Inis Cathaig
St. Glastian of Kinglassie
Ss. Brigid and Maura
St. Gildas the Wise
St. Dallan Forghaill
St. Blath of Kildare
St. Triphina of Brittany
St. Voloc of Scotland
St. Tibbe of Brecknock
St. Bathild
St. Amnichad of Fulda
St. Aidan of Ferns
St. Madoes
St. Melangell
St. Adamnan of Coldingham
St. Eusebius of Saint Gall