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St. Tugdual of Brittany
St. Grewst of Denbighshire
Ss. Martin and Declan
St. Trumwin of Whitby
St. Lucius of Britain
St. Ethernan of Scotland
St. Birinus of Wessex
St. Justinian of Wales
St. Cawrdaf of Wales
Ss. Auxilius, Isserninus, and Secundius of Ireland
St. Buithe of Monasterboice
St. Dima of the Mercians
St. Budoc of Dol
St. Ethelgiva of Shaftesbury
St. Lesmo of Glentamire
St. Deiniol of Bangor
St. Cian of Wales
St. Emers
St. Peris of Wales
St. Finnian of Clonard
St. Columba of Tyrdaglas
St. Cormac
St. Edburga of Thanet
St. Colman of Glendalough
St. Corentin
St. Agatha of Wimborne
St. Judoc
St. Edburga of Lyminge
Ss. Fingar & Phiala of Cornwall
St. Hybald of Bardney
All Saints of Lincolnshire
St. Flann of Bangor
St. Offa of Essex
St. Nothelm of Canterbury
St. Brioch of Brittany
St. Judicael of Brittany
St. Tetta of Wimborne
St. Tydecho of Merionethshire
St. Flannan of Killaloe
St. Mawnan of Cornwall
St. Samthann of Clonbroney
St. Manire of Scotland
St. Ursician of St-Ursanne
St. Elgiva of Shaftesbury
St. Beornwald of Bampton
St. Ernan of Donegal
St. Ernan of Hinba
St. Amaethlu of Llanfaethlu
St. Athernaise of Fife
St. Frithbert of Hexham
St. Mazota of Abernethy
St. Alburga of Wilton
St. Tathai of Wales
St. Amaethlu of Anglesey
St. Jarlath of Tuam
St. Gowan of Wales
St. Maughold of the Isle of Man
Ss. Romulus and Conindrus
St. Alphege of Canterbury
St. Egwin of Worcester
Ss. Lochan and Enda