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St. Cadfan of Wales
St. Ceitho of Wales
St. Pabiali of Wales
St. Dingad of Wales
St. Cledwyn of Wales
St. Gwythian of Cornwall
Ss. Baya and Maura
St. Hercus of Slane
St. Cumgar of Devonshire
St. Winifred of Holywell
St. Vulganius of Arras
St. Rumwald of Brackley
St. Cristiolus of Wales
St. Elerius of Wales
St. Tanglen of Scotland
St. Guenhael of Landevenec
St. Gwyddfarch of Moel yr Ancr
St. Clether of Cornwall
St. Brinstan of Winchester
St. Kanten of Wales
St. Kea of Devon and Cornwall
St. Bertila of Chelles
St. Illtud of Llantwit Major
St. Edwen of Anglesey
St. Efflam of Brittany
St. Pinnock of Cornwall
St. Winnoc of Wormhoult
St. Willibrord of Northumbria and Friesland
St. Congar of Congresbury
St. Florentius of Strassburg
St. Cybi of Caenarvon
St. Gervat of Kinnedor
St. Moroc of Scotland
St. Tysilio of Wales
St. Benen of Ireland
St. Pabo of Llanbabon
St. Triduana of Restalrig
St. Aedh MacBricc of Meath
St. Elaeth of Anglesey
St. Just of Canterbury
St. John the Irish of Mecklemburg
St. Cynfran of Wales
St. Rhedius of Llanllyfni, Wales
St. Martin of Tours
St. Cadwallador of Wales
St. Cumian the Fada
St. Lebwin of Alost
St. Machar of Iona
St. Sinell of Cleenish
St. Brice of Tours
St. Caillin of Ferns
St. Columba of Cornwall
St. Denick of Caithness
St. Gredifael of Wales
St. Kilian of Aubigny
St. Dyfrig of Caerleon
St. Modan of Scotland
St. Saens of Saint-Saens
St. Constant of Lough
St. Malo of Brittany
St. Fintan of Rheinau
St. Machell of Lianfechell
St. Afan of Wales
St. Alfrick of Canterbury
St. Hilda of Whitby
St. Mawes of Brittany
St. Ronan of Drumshallon
St. Constant of Ireland
St. Keverne of Cornwall
St. Mabyn of Cornwall
St. Momble of Lagny
St. Medana of Galloway
St. Ronan of Drumshallon
St. Ermenburga of Thanet
St. Edmund the Martyr
St. Humbert of the East Angles
St. Colman
St. Maxentia of Beauvais
St. Eval of Cornwall
St. Columban of Luxeuil and Bobbio
St. Columbanus Junior
St. Digain of Cornwall
St. Deiniol the Younger of Bangor
St. Paulinus of Wales
St. Edred of England
St. Colman of Cloyne
St. Kenan of Damleag
St. Marianus and St. Anianus
St. Eanfleda of Whitby
St. Bieuzy of Brittany
St. Teilo of Llandaff
St. Egelwine of Athelney
St. Fergus of Glamis
St. Seachnall of Dunshaughlin
St. Virgil of Salzburg
St. Congar of Somerset
St. Edwold of Cerne
St. Gallgo of Wales
St. Fionnchu of Bangor
St. Brendan of Birr
St. Sadwen of Wales
St. Ethelwin of Athelney
St. Tugdual of Brittany
St. Crida of Cornwall