St. Livinus (Lebwin) of Alost, Bishop Martyr

12 November

Died c. 650. An Irishman by birth, he was ordained a priest by Saint Augustine of Canterbury (f.d. May 27), and sailed to Flanders, where for some years he preached the gospel with great success. At some time during this period he is said to have been consecrated bishop in Ireland. He was martyred with several companions near Alost, Brabant, Belgium. His relics are enshrined and venerated at Ghent. He is perhaps to be identified with as Saint Lebuinus (f.d. today) (Benedictines, Montague).

Saint Lebwin is shown as a bishop holding his tongue with a pair of tongs (because it was plucked out). Venerated at Alost (Roeder).

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