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St. Melor of Cornwall
St. Ewald the Fair and St. Ewald the Dark
St. Murdoc the Culdee in Argyleshire
St. Ceollach of Mercia
St. Cummian the White
St. Lalluwy
St. Failbhe of Scotland
St. Osyth of Chich
St. Canog of Wales
St. Dubtach of Armagh
St. Helanus of Rheims
St. Keyne of Wales
St. Triduana of Restalrig
St. Ywi of Lindisfarne and Brittany
St. Paulinus of York
St. Patrician of Scotland
St. Kenneth of Kilkenny
St. Agilbert of Paris
St. Fiech of Sletty
St. Wilfrith of York
St. Edwin of Northumbria
St. Ethelburga of Barking
St. Comgan of Lochalsh
St. Colman of Melk
Ss. Fyncana and Fyndoca of Scotland
St. Edward the Confessor
St. Manakus of Holyhead
St. Manacca of Cornwall
St. Selevan of Cornwall
St. Ethelric of Durham
St. Oswald of York
St. Thecla of Kitzingen
St. Gall of Ireland
St. Kiara of Kilkeary
St. Lull of Mainz
St. Conogan of Quimper
St. Eliphius of Toul
St. Louthiern of Cornwall
St. Nothelm of Canterbury
St. Colman of Kilroot
Ss. Ethelbert and Ethelred of Kent
Ss. Brothen and Gwendolen of Wales
St. Gwen of Wales
St. Gwen of Talgarth
St. Mono of Scotland
St. Selevan of Wales
St. Ethbin of Kildare
St. Frideswide of Oxford
Ss. Bradan and Orora of the Isle of Man
St. Aidan of Mayo
St. Acca of Hexham
St. Fintan Munnu of Taghmon
St. Tuda of Lindisfarne
St. Wendelin of Tholey
St. Donatus of Fiesole
St. Mellon of Rouen
St. Columba of Cornwall
St. Ethelfleda, Abbess of Romsey
St. Cadfarch of Wales
St. Fromundus of Coutances
St. Maglorius of Wales
St. Caidin, Confessor in Ireland
Ss. Canna, Saudren and Crallo, Confessors in Wales
St. John of Beverley
St. Marnock, Bishop of Kilmarnock in Scotland
St. Goeznoveus of Brittany
St. Cedd of the East Saxons
St. Alfred the Great
Ss. Aneurin and Gwinoc of Wales
St. Eata of Hexham
St. Bean of Aberdeen
St. Cuthbert of Canterbury
St. Eadfrid of Leominster
St. Odhran of Iona
St. Abban of Wexford
St. Colman of Senboth-Fola
Ss. Ia and Breacha of Cornwall
St. Athelstan of England
St. Dorbheneus, Abbot of Iona
St. Eadsin, Archbishop of Canterbury
St. Colman of Kilmacduagh
St. Kennera of Scotland
St. Elfleda of Ramsey
St. Talaric of Scotland
St. Illogan of Cornwall
St. Egelnoth the Good
St. Leofric, Earl of Mercia
St. Erth of Cornwall
St. Foillan of Fosses
St. Bega