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St. Cellach of Armagh
St. Tewdric
Ss. Caidoc and Fricor
St. Valery of Leucone
St. Bronach of Glen-Seichis
St. Constantine II of Scotland
St. Ebba the Younger
St. Comman
St. Gwerir of Liskeard
St. Tigernach of Clogher
St. Merryn of Cornwall and Brittany
St. Derfel of Llanderfel
St. Becan of Kill-Beggan
St. Ethelburga of Lyminge
Ss. Probus and Grace
St. Berthanc of Kirkwall
St. Elstan of Abingdon
St. Ulched of Anglesey
St. Brynach of Carn-Engyle
St. Finan of Kinnitty
St. Goran
Ss. Llewellwyn and Gwrnerth
St. Dotto of the Orkney Islands
St. Madrun of Wales
St. Theodore of Croyland & his Companion Martyrs
St. Hedda of Peterborough and 84 Monk Martyrs
St. Beocca of Chertsey
St. Paternus of Abdinghof
St. Aid of Achad-Finglas
St. Guthlac of Croyland
St. Machai of Bute
St. Maedhog-Aedhan
St. Wigbert of Ireland
St. Winnoc of Scotland
St. Tassach of Raholp
St. Padarn of Wales
St. Withburga of Dereham
St. Elias of Cologne
St. Donnan of Eige
St. Laserian of Leighlin
St. Cogitosus of Kildare
St. Deicola
Ss. Bitheus and Genocus
St. Alphege of Canterbury
St. Caedwalla of Wales
St. Gundebert
St. Beuno of Wales
St. Eingan of Bangor
St. Maelrubha of Applecross
Ss. Arwald and Arwald
St. Rufus of Glendalough
St. Ibar of Meath
St. George the Great Martyr
St. Aethelbert
St. Ethelred
St. Ivo of Huntingdonshire
St. Mellitus of Canterbury
St. Dyfnan of Anglesey
St. Egbert of Rathemigisi and Iona
St. Keby of Cornwall
St. Macaille of Croghan
St. Maughold of Man
St. Mella of Doire-Melle
St. Trudpert of Muenstethal
St. Assic of Elphin
St. Enoder of Wales
St. Winebald of Beverley
St. Cronan of Roscrea
St. Gerard the Pilgrim
Ss. Probe and Germaine
St. Endellion of Cornwall
St. Wilfrid of York
St. Fiachan of Lismore
St. Senan of North Wales
St. Dichu of Ulster
St. Cynwl of Wales
St. Erconwald of London
St. Forannan
St. Swithbert the Younger
St. Onenn of Brittany