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St. Servan of Culross
Ss. Aaron and Julius of Caerleon
St. Cewydd of Anglesey
St. Gwenyth of Cornwall
St. Swithin of Winchester
St. Oudoc of Llandaff
St. Bladus of the Isle of Man
St. Byblig of Wales
St. Cillene of Iona
St. Germanus of the Isle of Man
St. Tirechan
St. Gunthiern of Wales and Brittany
St. Guthagon the Irishman
St. Rumold of Dublin & Malines
St. Finbar of Wexford
St. Odo of Canterbury
St. Edana of West Ireland
St. Erfyl
Ss. Fragan and Gwen
Ss. Grace and Probus of Cornwall
St. Modwenna of Whitby
St. Modwenna of Polesworth
St. Modwenna of Burton-on-Trent
St. Palladius of Ireland and Scotland
St. Modwenna of Polesworth
St. Moninna of Killeavy
St. Moninne of Sliabh Cuillin
St. Noyala of Brittany
St. Sexburga of Ely
St. Maelruain of Tallaght
St. Illtyd of Llantwit Abbey
St. Boisil of Melrose
St. Medran and St. Odran of Muskerry
St. Merryn of Cornwall
St. Ercongota of Faremoutiers
St. Ethelburga of Faremoutiers
St. Hedda of Winchester
St. Sethrida
Ss. Kilian, Colman, and Totnan
St. Morwenna of Cornwall
St. Sunniva of Bergen
St. Urith of Chittlehampton
St. Withburga of Dereham
St. Grimbald of Winchester
St. Edgar the Peaceful
St. Etto of Fescau
St. Drostan of Dalcongail
St. Turketil of Crowland
St. Menulphus of Quimper
St. Mildred of Thanet
St. Juthware of Devonshire
St. Dofgan of Wales
St. Idus of Leinster
St. Deusdedit of Canterbury
St. Adalard the Younger
St. Donald of Ogilvy
St. Edith of Polesworth
St. Plechelm of Guelderland
St. Helier of Jersey
St. Sinach MacDara
St. Tenenan of Leon
St. Cynllo of Wales
St. Kenelm of Mercia
St. Turninus of Antwerp
St. Theneva of Glasgow
Ss. Edburga and Edith of Aylesbury
St. Goneri of Brittany
St. Minnborinus of Cologne
St. Arilda of Gloucester
St. Etheldwitha of Winchester
St. Modmund of Gloucester
St. Arbogast of Strasbourg
St. Dabius of Scotland
St. Movean of Innis-Coosery
St. Conan of Cornwall
St. Declan of Ardmore
St. Germoc of Cornwall
St. Lewina of Berg
St. Menefrida of Cornwall
Ss. Wulfhade and Ruffinus
St. Christiana of Termonde
St. Nissen of Montgarth
St. Congall of Iabnallivin
St. Luican
St. Samson of Dol
St. Arduinus of Trepino
St. Sulian of Cornwall
St. Tatwin of Canterbury
St. Ermengytha of Thanet
St. Germain of Auxerre
St. Neot of Cornwall
St. Joseph of Arimathea