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Died 521. Saint Buithe was a Scot who spent some years in Italy and elsewhere on the continent before returning to Scotland to evangelize the Picts. It is said that Buithe raised the son of King Nectan of the Picts from the dead (or the king himself in some versions). In gratitude the king gave the saint a church-- Carbuddo ("Castrum Butthi"), which appears to have taken its name from him (originally Kirkbuddo or the church of Buithe).

About 500 AD, Buithe founded a school at Monasterboice in County Louth, which gained dominance in the 9th and 10th centuries when the Viking raids threatened the great schools of Ireland. This school was known for its sculpture; the Crosses of Monasterboice are world renowned. They incorporate representation of Biblical subjects directly on the Crosses, visual lessons for the faithful and less likely to be destroyed than were books. Two of these crosses, including the Muireadach Cross dating from 923, survive at Monasterboice. Fourteen historical poems of its Abbot Flann (11th century) also survive in old Gaelic books, especially in the "Book of Leinster" (Benedictines, D'Arcy, Healy, Kenney, Montague, Moran, Porter, Simpson, Skene, Stokes).

Troparion of St Buithe
Tone 8
Great wonderworker and ascetic, O Father Buithe, who by the power of thy prayers didst restore the slain to life,
intercede with Christ our God that He will grant us life eternal in the realms of the blessed.

Images of the Muireadach Cross, Monasterboice:

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