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St. Herve of Brittany
St. Ruadan of Cornwall & Brittany
St. Whyte of Dorset
St. Wistan of Evesham
St. Thecla of Denbighshire
St. Ronan of Kilmaronen
St. Caprais of Lerins
St. Adalgis of Novara
St. Oda the Good of Canterbury
St. Bodfan of Abern
St. Kevin of Glendalough
St. Cronan the Tanner
St. Glunshallaich
St. Petroc of Cornwall
Ss. Croidan, Medan, and Degan
St. Edfrith of Lindisfarne
St. Breaca of Cornwall
St. Buriana of Cornwall
St. Nennoc of Brittany
St. Tudno of Caernarvon
St. Jarlath of Tuam
St. Gudwal of Cornwall
St. Cocca, Virgin of Kilcock
St. Colman of Dromore
St. Meriadoc of Vannes
St. Bron of Cassel
St. Levan the Irish
St. Muirchu of Ireland
St. Syra of Troyes
St. Columcille of Iona
St. Baithin of Iona
St. Cumian of Bobbio
St. Ithamar of Rochester
St. Illadan of Rathlihen
St. Blitharius of Seganne
St. Herebald of Brittany
St. Tochumra of Kilmore
St. Tochumra of Tuam
St. Ternan of Culross
St. Cunera
St. Damhnade of Ireland
St. Brendan the Navigator
St. Cearan the Devout
St. Dogmael of Pembroke
St. Nennus of the Isle of Arran
St. Psalmodius of Limoges
St. Trillo of Llandrillo
St. Vauge of Cornwall
St. Vouga of Lesneven
St. Edburga of Winchester
St. Cettin of Oran
St. Colman McRoi
St. Curig of Wales
St. Ismael of Wales
St. Herve of Brittany
St. Moling of Wexford
St. Adulf
St. Botulph of Boston
St. Nectan of Hartland
St. Briavel
St. Columcille of Iona
St. Theneva of Glasgow
Ss. Edburga and Edith of Aylesbury
St. Goneri of Brittany
St. Minnborinus of Cologne
St. Fillan of Munster
St. Edburga of Caistor
St. Goban
St. Govan of Wales
St. Edward of England
St. Oswald of Northumbria
St. Mewan of Brittany
St. Corbmac of Durrow
St. Engelmund of Vebsen
St. Alban, First Martyr of Britain
St. Heraclius the Soldier
St. Aaron of Brittany
St. Mochaoi of Nendrum
St. Etheldreda of Ely
St. Gerome of Germoe
St. Amphibalus of Saint Alban's
St. Moloc of Mortlach
St. Adalbert of Egmond
St. Milburga of Much Wenlock
St. Solomon of Brittany
St. Solomon III of Brittany
St. Molonachus of Lismore
St. Kenneburga of Gloucester
St. Brannock of Braunton
St. Babolenus of Fosses
St. Corbican of Ireland
St. John of Chinon
St. Benen of Armagh
St. Austell of Cornwall & Brittany
St. Crummine of Lackan
St. Egilo of Pruem
St. Cocha of Ross-Benchuir
St. Elwin of Lindsey
Ss. Salome and Judith
St. Eurgain