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St. Lythan of Llandaff
St. Drithelm of Maelros
St. Fiacre of Breuil
St. Hieu of Tadcaster
St. Lolan of Scotland
St. MacNisse of Connor
St. Balin of Techsaxon
St. Cuthburga of Wimborne
St. Quenburga of Wimborne
St. Hereswitha of Chelles
St. Edward of England
St. Gregory the Great
St. Monessa of Ireland
St. Ultan of Ardbraccan
St. Birinus of Dorchester-on-Thames
St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne
St. Rhuddlad of Anglesey
St. Bega of Saint Bee's Head
St. Maccallin of Lusk
St. Magnus of Fussen
St. Chainoaldus of Laon
Ss. Felix and Augebert
St. Alcmund Bishop of Hexham
St. Tilbert of Hexham
St. Grimonia of Picardy
St. Justin Popovich, quote
St. Cynfarch of Wales
Ss. Ina and Ethelburga
St. Ciaran of Clonmacnoise
St. Bettelin of Croyland
St. Osmanna of Brieuc
St. Wilfrida of Wilton
St. Wulfhilda of Barking
St. Finian of Moville
St. Frithestan of Winchester
St. Otger of Northumbria
St. Egwin of Worcester
St. Ethelwold of Winchester
St. Deiniol of Bangor
St. Ailbhe of Emly
St. Eanswythe of Folkestone
St. Wilfrida of Wilton
St. Theneva of Glasgow
St. Cormac of Cashel
St. Hernan of Brittany
St. Mirin of Bangor
St. Ninian
St. Edith of Wilton
Ss. Socrates and Stephen of Wales
St. Higbald of Lincolnshire
St. Theodore of Canterbury
St. Mabenna, Daughter of Saint Brychan of Brecknock
St. Dinooth of Bangor Iscoed
St. Adamnan of Iona
St. Aelfwald, King of Northumbria
St. Cissa, Hermit in Northumbria
St. Mawgan
St. Conald
St. Berchtun, Abbot of Beverley
St. Ceolfrith of Wearmouth and Jarrow
St. Caian of Tregaian
St. Findbar of Cork
St. Cadoc of Llancarfan
St. Colman of Lann Elo
St. Meugant of Cornwall
St. Barrog of Wales
St. Sigebert of East Anglia
St. Marcellus of Saint-Gall
St. Conwall of Scotland
St. Machan of Scotland
St. Lioba of Bischoffsheim
St. Tetta of Wimborne
St. Honorius of Canterbury
St. Midan of Anglesey
St. Enghenedl of Wales
St. Lery of Brittany
Ss. Tancred, Torthred, and Tova