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St. David of Wales
St. Marnock of Annandale
St. Monan of St. Andrew's
St. Aubin of Angers
St. Chad of Lichfield
St. Slebhene of Iona
St. Cynibild
St. Fergna the White
St. Joavan of Leon
St. Willeic
St. Non of Wales
St. Owen of Lichfield
St. Sacer of Saggard
St. Winwaloe of Landevennec
St. Cele-Christ
St. Foila of Galway
St. Lamalisse of Lamlash
St. Adrian of Stalbrand & Companions
St. Gistilian of Wales
St. Ciaran of Saigher
St. Piran of Padstowe
St. Colman of Armagh, Buried by Saint Patrick
St. Caron, Bishop of Tregaron, Cardiganshire, Wales
St. Baldred of Glasgow
St. Balther of Tinningham
St. Billfrith of Lindisfarne
St. Cadroe of Waulsort
Ss. Cyneburga and Cyneswide, & Tibba
St. Fridolin The Traveller
St. Sezin of Guic-Sezni
St. Deifer of Bodfari
St. Enodoch
St. Esterwine of Wearmouth
Ss. Kynesburga, Kyneswide and Tibba of Castor
St. Senan of Scattery Island
St. Felix of Dunwich
St. Beoadh
St. Duthac of Ross
St. Rhian
St. Bosa of York
St. Constantine of Scotland
St. Failbhe the Little
St. Kessog of Lennox
St. Emilian of Lagny
St. Attalas of Bobbio
St. Himelin of Vissenaeken
St. Oengus the Culdee
St. Constantine of Scotland
St. Mura McFeredach
St. Paul Aurelian
St. Gerald of Mayo
St. Kevoca
St. Mochoemoc of Leamokevoge
St. Talmach of Lough Erc
St. Aristobulus of Britain
St. Boniface Curitan of Ross
St. Patrick of Auvergne
St. Abban of Kill-Abban
St. Abban of Magheranoidhe
St. Finnian Lobhar
St. Patrick, Enlightener of Ireland
St. Joseph of Arimathea
St. Withburgh of Dereham
St. Llinio of Llandinam
St. Frigidian of Lucca
St. Egbert of Ripon
St. Finan of Aberdeen
St. Lactan of Freshford
St. Alkmund of Northumbria
St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne
St. Herbert
St. Martin of Braga
St. Clement of the Paris Schools
St. Enda of Arranmore
St. Isenger of Verdun
St. Failbhe of Iona
St. Trien of Killelga
St. Darerca
St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions
St. Ethelwald of Farne
St. Maidoc of Fiddown
St. Caimin of Lough Derg
St. Macartin of Clogher
St. Cairlon of Cashel
St. Domangard of Maghera
St. Hildelid of Barking
St. Kennocha
St. Alfwold of Sherborne
St. Macartin of Clogher
St. Sincheall of Killeigh
St. Mochelloc of Kilmallock
St. Garbhan
St. Alkeld
St. Suairlech of Fore
St. Tuathal of Saint-Gall
St. Gwynllyw of Wales
St. Gwladys
St. Eustace of Luxeuil
St. Lasar
St. Rupert of Salzburg
St. Rule of Scotland
St. Fergus of Downpatrick
St. Patto of Werden
St. Tola
St. Aldhelm of Malmesbury