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St. Kenneth of Wales
St. Aethelwold of Winchester
St. Peregrinus of Modena
St. Rioch of Innisboffin
St. Aled of Brecknock
St. Sidwell
St. Secundel of Brittany
St. Etheldritha of Croyland
St. Plegmund of Canterbury
St. Alban, Finding of his Relics
St. Wulvella
St. Mancus of Cornwall
St. Senach of Clonard
St. Trea of Ardtree
St. Lugid of Clonfert
St. Sithney
St. Oswald of Northumbria
St. Abel of Rheims
St. Gormgal of Ardoilen
St. Claudia
St. Nathy of Achonry
St. Phelim of Kilmore
St. Geraint of Devon
St. Bettelin of Ilam
St. Blane of Bute
St. Attracta of Drum
St. Lelia of Limerick
St. Digna of Northumbria
St. Porcarius and Companions
St. Merewenna
St. Just of Penzance
St. Jambert of Canterbury
St. Muredach of Killala
St. Fachanan of Rosscarbery
St. Werenfrid of Arnheim
St. Maccarthen of Clogher
St. Armagil of Brittany
St. Drithelm of Melrose
St. James of York
St. Hiero of Holland
St. Daig of Iniskin
St. Evan of Ayrshire
St. Helena
St. Mochta of Louth
St. Guenninus of Vannes
St. Credan of Evesham
St. Oswin of Deira
St. Edbert of York
St. Moghtewe, Abbot in Ireland
St. Hardulf of Breedon
St. Sigfrid of Wearmouth
St. Andrew of Ireland
St. Arnulf of Eynesbury
St. Ethelgitha of Northumbria
St. Maelrubha of Applecross
St. Tydfil of Glamorgan
St. Eugene of Tyrone
St. Irchard of Scotland
St. Patrick the Elder
St. Michan of Dublin
St. Ebba of Coldingham
St. Edbert of York
St. Hilda of Whitby
St. Pandwina of Ettisley
St. Bregwin of Canterbury
St. Decuman of Dunster
St. Malrubius of Merns
St. Emmon of Besançon
St. Flannon of Killaloe
St. Fiacre of Breuil & Kilfiachra
St. Sebbi of the East Saxons
St. Edwold of Carne
St. Velleicus of Kaiserswerth
St. Fiacre of Breuil
St. Rumon
St. Loarn of Downpatrick
St. Ayle of Bavaria
St. Modan of Killmodan
St. Guthlac of Crowland
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne
St. Cuthburga of Wimborne
St. Eanswitha of Folkestone
St. Columban of Ireland