St. Tathai of Wales, Hermit of Glamorganshire, Abbot of Llantathan Nephew of Saint Sampson of Dol, Brittany
(Meuthin, Tathan, Tahai, Tathaeus, Tathar, Athaeus)

26 December

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5th century or early 6th century. Nephew of Saint Samson of Dol, this Irish saint planted himself in the land of Wales, first as a hermit, where he founded a church at Glamorganshire and bore good fruit. His monastery at Llantathan, named after him, was one of the most famous schools in Wales. From there he went to Caerwent (Gwent), where he founded another monastic school that produced the great Celtic scholar, Saint Cadoc.

According to his vita, Tathai was famous as a miracle-worker and as the "Father of all Gwent, he was the defender of the woodland country . . . he was never angry . . . whatever was given to him, he gave to others . . . no one was more generous in the West for receiving guests and giving them hospitality." Both Caerwent and Llantathan claim to be the place where he died (Benedictines, Encyclopaedia, Farmer, Montague).

Troparion of St Tathai
Tone 8
Teacher of true piety and blessed adornment of Christ's Church, O Father Tathai:
as thou didst serve Wales with thy tireless endeavours, teach us, O Saint, the virtues of unshakeable stability and loyalty to the true Faith,
that at the end Christ our God will grant great mercy to our souls.

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