St. Clether (Clederus) of Cornwall, Hermit

4 November

St Clether is a small village beside the River Inney with the parish church standing some distance away. A little way on from the church following the river stands what is considered Cornwall's most beautifully situated Holy Well. There are over two hundred Holy Wells in Cornwall (indeed there is one on the next village - Laneast), however few can compere with the beauty and tranquillity of the well & chapel at St Clether (pictured on the web page ). Tucked away in complete isolation and only reachable by a footpath across a moorland meadow, the small chapel stands between the river and an outcrop of limestone rocks. The spring bubbles up behind the chapel and then the water flows under the altar and leaves the building to join the river below. Possibly originally built in the 5th Century by a Welsh saint named St Clederus the well was rebuilt in the 15th Century and restored in 1895.

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