St. Brieg, Abbot and Founder of Quingamp, Brittany

17 December

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St Brieuc (Brioch, Briach, Sant Brieg in Breton), born in British Cornwall, he came to Paris where he was ordained priest by St Germanus (not St Germanus of Auxerre) in the year 549. The year after, he returned back to his country, converted his father, built churches and monasteries, erected Crosses and worked miracles.

On the day of Pentecost of 565 an angel ordained him to cross over the sea to preach the Holy Gospel to Brittany. He obeyed and landed near the mouth of river Jaudy and founded a monastery which later grew into the city of Treguier.

Later he left with 84 monks , journeyed eastward and founded a new monastery on the location of the actual town of St Brieuc. He was elected bishop (date not mentioned), died aged 90 in 614, and many miracles occurred then.

His relics were translated to the abbey of St Sergius and St Bacchus by King Heruspee, son of Nominoe to protect them from the Norse invaders. In 1210, an arm, two ribs and pieces of the saint's skull were restituted by the monks to the bishop of St Brieuc.

Troparion of St Briach tone 8
O holy Briach, thou dost teach us the value of renunciation, for thou didst renounce the world to seek salvation.
Therefore we pray, that our lives may show forth the virtue of self denial and thereby attain the eternal salvation of our souls.

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