St. Kenan of Damleag, Bishop
(Cianan, Kea, Kay, Quay)

24 November

Died November 24, c. 489-500. In his youth Saint Kenan was one of the 50 hostages whom the princes of Ireland gave to King Leogair, but he was later freed through the intercession of Bishop Kiaran. Like Saint Patrick (f.d. March 17), Kenan was an Irish bishop who was a disciple of Saint Martin of Tours (f.d. November 11). Returning to Ireland, he preached successfully in Connaught, before moving on to Leinster and then Owen, which was named for his maternal uncle, King Owen of Munster. There he destroyed a pagan altar and built a Christian church in its place. Kenan was the first bishop in Ireland to build his own cathedral (Damleag or Duleek in Meath) of stone. His writing was acknowledged by Saint Patrick to be better than his own (Benedictines, Encyclopaedia, Husenbeth).

Troparion of St Kenan
Tone 1
As a witness to the steadfastness of the Faith of Christ,
thou didst erect to His glory Ireland's first cathedral of stone, O Hierarch Kenan,
where thou didst labour for the salvation of men's souls.
Wherefore O Saint, pray that our labours may be blessed and bear fruit
that many may be led into the Way of Salvation.

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