St. Kilian of Aubigny
(Chillianus, Chillien, Chillen)

13 November

Born in Ireland; 7th century. Saint Kilian, kinsman of Saint Fiacre (f.d. August 30), became a missionary in France almost by accident. On his return from a pilgrimage to Rome, Kilian stopped to visit Fiacre in his solitude in Brie. There he joined his near relative in his contemplation and evangelizing efforts. Then Bishop Saint Faro of Meaux (f.d. October 28) sent him out to preach the Gospel on his own in the Artois, where he met with success. His body was enshrined at Aubigny, near Arras, in the monastery church he established, where he is the object of great veneration. Styled a bishop in Colgan's manuscript, Kilian is said to have been the only Irishman to have been offered the Roman papacy--which he declined (Benedictines, Husenbeth, Montague). (Benedictines, Husenbeth, Montague).

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