St. Denick of Caithness, Bishop
(Devenick, Teavneck)

13 November

6th century. In his old age this native of northern Scotland associated himself with the missionary work of Saints Columba (f.d. June 9) and Machar (f.d. Nov. 12) and evangelized Caithness. He is reputed to have been a bishop (Benedictines).

Troparion of St Denick
Tone 1
Inspired by the virtuous example of our Fathers Columba and Machar,
O Hierarch Denick, thou didst preach among the heathens of Caithness
enduring great hardships, despite old age and infirmity.
Wherefore, O Saint, pray that worthless and useless as we are Christ our God will grant us great mercy.

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