St. John the Irish, Bishop and Martyr

10 November

In Mecklemburg (Germany), Saint John the Irish, bishop & martyr (1066).

An Irish monk, John was consecrated a bishop and undertook missionary journeys, first to Iceland, in the middle of the 11th century, then to Germany, where Saint Adalbert, archbishop of Hamburg, gave him the new diocese of Mecklemburg with the mission of converting the whole region. John met a martyr's end in the same year as the prince of the Obotrites, Gotescalc, who had given himself as a champion of the Gospel (1066). As with Gotescalc, John the Irish is present in the canon of the Saints but without having had any cult.. - Acta sanct., 10 November, t. 4, p. 564-566. - Cf. 7 june, t. 6, p. 132-133.

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