St. Aedh MacBricc, Bishop of Meath
(Aod, Aedsind, Aidus)

10 November

Died 589. The Lives of Aedh are full of miraculous events of healing, bilocation, and other marvels. The son of Breece of the Hy Neill, Aedh worked on his father's farm. His conversion occurred when he was dissuaded by Bishop Saint Illathan of Rathlihen (f.d. June 10) from kidnapping a girl from his brother's household in retaliation for the refusal to give him his inheritance on his father's death. Instead he became the bishop's disciple. He founded a monastery at Cill-air and Rathugh in Westmeath and eventually became a bishop. He cured Saint Brigid (f.d. February 1) of a headache, so is often invoked to cure headaches (Benedictines, Delaney).

Troparion of St Aedh MacBricc
tone 1
Founder of churches, Wonderworker Hierarch and curer of headaches,
thou art rightly praised for thy missionary labours,
O Father Aedh Macbricc.
We celebrate thy memory, O Saint,
praying that we may be given grace to emulate thee,
for the re-establishment of Orthodoxy in these islands
and for the salvation of our souls.

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