St. Tysilio of Wales, Abbot
(Suliau, Tyssel, Tyssilo)

8 November

Died c. 640. Tysilio, a Welsh prince, became abbot of Meifod in Montgomeryshire, where his cultus is centred. Nearby is a town named for him, Llandysilio. He founded several churches in the other parts of Wales, including Clwyd, southwest Cardiganshire, Menai Straits, and near Dyfed. Finally, around 617, he may have migrated to Brittany and died at Saint-Suliac, although this may be a different saint for whom a Welsh origin is claimed (Benedictines, Bowen, Doble, Farmer).

Troparion of St Tysilio
Tone 8
Princely dignity was set at nought by thee, O Father Tysilio,
for thou didst put aside the glory of this world preferring to serve God in monastic poverty.
Wherefore we pray thee, intercede for us, that with courage we may renounce mammon
and live only in Christ for the salvation of men's souls.

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