St. Congar (Cumgar, Cyngar, Docuinus, Doguinus), Monk

7 November

Born in Devon, England; 6th or 8th century. Founder of monasteries at Budgworth, Congresbury (Somerset), and at Llangonys (Glamorgan). This seems to be the name that was later corrupted into Oue and Kew. Cumgar was buried at Congresbury, to which town he has given his name (Benedictines, Encyclopaedia).

Troparion of St Congar
Tone 8
In Congresbury's monastery thou wast laid to rest, O Father Congar, Evangeliser of Somerset and teacher of monastics.
Pray to God for us that we may worthily follow in thy footsteps bringing the light of the Faith to those who languish in the darkness of unbelief,
making this a second Age of Saints, that thereby many souls may be saved.

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