St. Winnoc (Winoc) of Wormhoult, Abbot

6 November

Died 717. Winnoc was of royal blood and, while probably of British origin, was raised in Brittany. It is likely that, like many others, his family fled to the Continent to escape the Saxons. He became a monk at Sithiu under Saint Bertin (f.d. September 5), by whom he was eventually sent with three companions to establish a new foundation among the Morini at Wormhoudt near Dunkirk. He became its first abbot and from that centre evangelized the whole neighbourhood. Winnoc's name figures in many medieval English calendars; he is apparently titular saint of Saint Winnow near Lostwithiel (Attwater, Benedictines).

Saint Winnoc is depicted as an abbot with a crown and sceptre at his feet, turning a hand-mill. There is generally a church and a bridge near him. Sometimes he is shown (1) in ecstasy while grinding corn, or (2) with Saint Bertinus. Abbot of Wormhoult. Venerated at Sithiu (Roeder). He is the patron of millers (Encyclopaedia).

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