St. Brinstan, Bishop and Confessor of Winchester
(Birnstan, Beornstan, Brintan, Brynstan)

4 November

Died November 4, c. 934. According to William of Malmesbury, in 931, Saint Birnstan succeeded Saint Frithestan (f.d. September 10) in the see of Winchester. This disciple of Saint Grimbald (f.d.July 8) was noted for his devotion to the departed for whose repose he nightly repeated the Psalms. He also frequently said prayers for them in the cemetery (and once was answered, "Amen!"). Daily he washed the feet of some of the poor, whom he served at table and performed other works of charity. His cultus was neglected for some time until Saint Ethelwold (f.d.August 1) had a vision of Birnstan which showed that he enjoyed glory in heaven equal to that of the more popular Saints Birinus (f.d. December 3) and Swithun (f.d. July 15) of Winchester (Benedictines, Farmer, Husenbeth).

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