St. Fintan Munnu, Abbot of Taghmon in Ireland
(Mundus, Finian, Fintan)

21 October

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Died October 31, c. 635. Saint Finton, born into the noble Ui Niell clan, forsook the world as a youth to become a monk first under Saint Comgall (f.d. May 11), then under Saint Sinell at Cluain Inis, Ireland. After 18 years of monastic life, he left to become a monk for a time on Iona. On his arrival in 597, he found that Saint Columba (f.d. June 9) had died (though one tradition has him living at Iona or a daughter abbey at Kilmore until Columba died). He was told by the new abbot, Baithene, that Columba had left instructions that Finton not be admitted because his destiny was to found another abbey.

Whether he returned to Ireland because his desired master had died, or whether Columba actually left instructions, Finton returned to Ireland. There he founded and became abbot of a monastery at Taghmon (Tech Munnu) in County Wexford, which he developed into an outstanding monastery. He was a firm supporter of the Celtic liturgical practices at the synod of Magh Lene in 630 in opposition to Saint Laserian (f.d. April 18) and others.

Reputedly, Finton contracted leprosy in the later years of his life in response to his prayers to add to his penitential practices. Finton Munnu was mentioned in the "vitae" of Saint Canice (f.d. October 11), Mochua (f.d. January 1), and Molua (f.d. August 4). Several churches in Scotland are dedicated to Finton, which may be due to the work of his disciples rather than his own evangelistic efforts (Attwater, Benedictines, Delaney, Farmer, Husenbeth, Montague). (Attwater, Benedictines, Delaney, Farmer, Husenbeth, Montague).

Troparion of St Fintan
Tone 8
As a disciple of Iona's founder,
thou wast rooted firmly in the Faith and the monastic disciplines,
O Founder of Taghmon's Monastery, holy Father Fintan,
Righteous Ascetic and Champion of our Church.
As thou didst defend the tradition of our Fathers in the Faith,
defend us, O Saint, from soul destroying innovations,
that we stray not from the way of salvation.

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