St. Ethbin of Kildare, Abbot

19 October

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Born in Great Britain; died c. 600. Saint Ethbin's noble father died when he was only about 15 years old. His widowed mother then entrusted his education to his countryman, the great Saint Samson (f.d. July 28), at Dol Abbey in Brittany. At Mass one day, he really heard the words: "Every one of you that cannot renounce all that he possesses, cannot be my disciple." He immediately resolved to renounce the world. Because he was a deacon, Ethbin sought the permission of his bishop to withdraw from the world. Upon receiving it, Ethbin retired to the abbey of Taurac in 554. For his spiritual director, the saint chose another: Saint Winwaloee (f.d. March 3). The community was dispersed by a Frankish raid in 556 and Winwaloee died soon thereafter. Ethbin then crossed over to Ireland, where he led the life of a hermit in a forest near Kildare called Nectensis (unidentified) for 20 years.

His relics are claimed by Montreuil and Pont-Mort (Eure), France. It has been suggested by P. Grosjean that the "silva" called "Necensis" could be a corruption of Silvanectensis (i.e., Senlis, France), rather than Ireland (Benedictines, Benedictines, Benedictines).

Troparion of St Ethbin
Tone 8
As a disciple of our Father Samson,
thou wast radiant in thy asceticism, O Father Ethbin,
and having been driven out of Tantac by the unruly Franks
thou didst seek refuge in the remoteness of Erin's green desert.
Wherefore, O Saint, pray for us that we may not be swayed from our course,
despite all difficulties, that our souls may be saved.

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