St. Chainoaldus, Bishop of Laon
(also known as Cagnoald, Cagnou)

6 September

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Died 633. Saint Columbanus's monastery at Luxeuil was such a source of holiness that by the mid-seventh century it was the most important one in France. It produced a stream of saints who led the clergy and people to new height of spiritual awareness. Two of these men were brothers, Saints Faro and Cagnoald, sons of King Dagobert's chancellor. Faro became bishop of Meaux, while Cagnoald was bishop of Laon (their sister, Saint Burgundofara (April 3) founded the convent of Faremoutiers). When Columbanus angered King Theodoric II by criticizing his immoral life, he was banished from his realms in 610. Saint Cagnoald left his see, followed Columbanus, and worked with him as a missionary near Lake Constance. When Theodoric gained control of that area, too, they were again banished.

Yet the saints remained charitable, even to such a determined enemy. King Theodebert II of Neustria had given them refuge during the time of their missionary activities around Lake Constance. Columbanus's anxieties caused him once to dream that he saw Theodebert and Theodoric fighting. He awoke and told Cagnoald his dream. "Let us pray, then, that Theodebert may defeat our enemy Theodoric," said Cagnoald. Columbanus responded, "Certainly not. In no way would such a prayer please God. He has ordered us to pray for our enemies."

So the two men travelled on to Italy, where Saint Columbanus founded the famous Bobbio monastery. Cagnoald had not personally been banned from France, but followed his friend out of love. He returned to France after the death of Columbanus and resumed his bishopric (Attwater, Benedictines, Bentley).

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